Lamar Odom Could Be Back In Kardashian Family Thanks To Khloe’s Desire For A Baby

Lamar Odom could soon be keeping up with the Kardashians once again.

The estranged husband of Khloe Kardashian could be nearing a reunion with his wife after weeks of efforts to try to win her back, sources say. Khloe has reportedly been talking with Lamar a lot lately, though she has not yet given the go-ahead to rekindle their romance.

But a report from Hollywood Life claims that Khloe is now ready for a family and could finally be turning to Lamar Odom to do it.

“She wants to be in love again. She wants a family,” the source said. “She doesn’t want to be pigeonholed as the best aunt in the world. She loves her nieces and nephew but there’s nothing like being a mother. She wants that. And it’s like, here she goes again being the dutiful and proud aunt.”

Source said that Lamar Odom moved in quickly after Khloe split with her last boyfriend, rapper French Montana. There were many reports that Khloe was ready to start a family with Montana, but the relationship ended up dissolving fairly quickly, leaving Lamar an opening.

Odom reportedly responded by pouring out his feelings, taking blame for his faults and vowing to make whatever changes necessary to win Khloe back.

“Lamar apologized profusely for the past and didn’t hold back his feelings,” said a source to OK! Magazine.

Lamar has even turned to Khloe’s stepdad Bruce Jenner for his help in getting back into the family.

“Bruce doesn’t want to see Khloe or anyone hurt for that matter, and he really thinks Lamar’s a good guy who’s perfect for Khloe,” said the source. “But Bruce only gives advice when asked – other than that, he keeps to himself.”

But the source said that rumors claiming Khloe Kardashian is already pregnant are false — though she may be starting a family with Lamar Odom soon if they can work things out again.