Russia's Social Media Hosting 'Miss Hitler' Beauty Pageant, Honoring Adolf Hitler

Jan Omega

To this day, one of the most controversial people whom we still talk about is Adolf Hitler. He is known for his ability to run a government, utilize propaganda, and of course his antisemitic transgressions. The Inquisitr reported numerous times news associated to the tyrant and/or his party. Apparently, Hitler was addicted to crystal meth and had sex with Eva Braun without touching her or taking her clothes off. On a more serious note, the EU may presently be following in Hitler's footsteps in making a Fourth Reich.

Despite the number of people who show disdain for the dictator, there seems to be a lot of people who admire Adolf Hitler. In this case, a lot of beautiful girls are praising him by participating in a "Miss Hitler" beauty pageant.

According to an article by Vocativ, there is an actual, real-life Miss Hitler contest going on over at VKontakte, which is Russia's version of Facebook. Russians, Ukrainians, and people who love the Nazi Party and Adolf Hitler in general are now voting for their favorite pictures of proud, beautiful, antisemitic women on the site's "Adolf Hitler" group page. With more than 7,000 followers, the page says it pays tribute to history's best-known goose-stepping genocidal maniac.

The Blaze also reported on the Miss Hitler contest, showing some of the pictures of women participating and the prizes they might win. This includes Nazi paraphernalia and one item associated with the History Channel's Vikings. How that show relates to Adolf Hitler and the Nazis was not explained, and it is assumed that it is only a prize because Vikings is just a really good show.

What is amazing about this contest is how ironic it is. First off, it is drawing a lot of attention in both Ukraine and Russia. That might not sound like much to anyone, but take into account those countries were decimated from the German invasion during World War II and you'll see the irony. And that is not the only ironic thing worth pointing out, either! Trying to pull off a Miss Hitler pageant in Germany wouldn't fly. Reason being, Germany is very anti-Nazi and anti-Hitler. Just to show you how serious Germany is on this matter, it is illegal to deny the Holocaust and display swastikas.

Probably the biggest question left unanswered is why the group behind this Miss Hitler pageant isn't shut down. Back in February, Russian President Vladimir Putin enacted a law giving Russian media watchdog, Roskomnadzor, the power to block any website deemed "extremist" without a court ruling. Within a month, the bureau shut down thirteen Ukrainian groups. Wouldn't the pro-Hitler group be considered an extremist group?

What is your take on this Miss Hitler beauty pageant? Why is the group still active even though they are most likely recognized as an extremist group to most?

[Images via VKontakte]