Foo Fighters: First Song From New Album Has A Windy City Vibe (Listen)

The Foo Fighters have released the first song from their new album, Sonic Highways, and it’s got a Windy City vibe.

According to the Nerdist, each song on the Foo Fighters’ next album was written about and recorded in a specific city, and Chicago is the setting and theme for the first tune, Something From Nothing.

The Foo Fighters’ Sonic Highways isn’t just an album, it will also be an eight-part series of the same name starting on Friday night on HBO. The show is presumably kind of a rock and roll travelogue. Eight episodes will each showcase a different city and unveil a new song until the Foo Fighters’ entire new album is released next month.

In addition to visiting a city on each episode, the Foo Fighters will also visit a recording studio within the city and write the song within the episode (For skeptics, the New York Times reports that there’s actual footage of Dave Grohl writing down the lyrics and then trying the tunes out). Directed by Grohl, each episode also features footage and interviews with legends from each locale.

While most Foo Fighters fans will be checking out the show just to hear the new Foo Fighters songs, others may enjoy the detailed look at each city’s historic musical legacy. For the first show in Chicago, Dave Grohl covers Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, Chess Records, and “Soundstages.” There’s reportedly also a segment in which Grohl reminisces about his first live show with his cousin, Tracey Bradford, who used to be in a punk band.

The second episode heads to Washington D.C., where it targets the capitol’s hard-punk scene and go-go, the local offshoot of punk. Dave Grohl is more at home in this environment. It’s closer to where he grew up in West Virginia, and he recalls heading to D.C. to see the Bad Brains and Minor Threat.

Like Grohl did with his documentary, Sound City, Dave and the Foo Fighters clearly have a dedicated interest in musical history. There’s a conscious effort to make sure the kids that are watching The Voice or America’s Got Talent or whatever the next instant-recording contract show is, doesn’t forget where music used to come from, and more importantly, how it was made in the first place.

Here’s the audio of Something From Nothing, the first song from the Foo Fighter’s new album Sonic Highways.

The Foo Fighters’ 8th studio album, Sonic Highways, will be released worldwide on November 1o.

image via consequence of sound