October 19, 2014
Sarah Palin's Endorsement May Not Provide Any Value For Conservative Candidates

It takes money to run a successful election campaign - lots of money. Even though some GOP candidates might have thought that having Sarah Palin endorse their campaigns would bring them the contributions they needed to be successful in their elections, their coffers have come up short. Palin may have endorsed them verbally, but her political action committee, SarahPAC, didn't support them financially.

Palin's PAC has contributed $45,000 to the campaigns of nine GOP candidates and, while that seems like a considerable amount of money, it is only about 3 percent of the money that Palin's PAC has raised, according to the Washington Post. The SarahPAC had more than $1.4 million available as of September 30.

According to OpenSecrets.org, filings made by the Palin's PAC showed that it had $978,000 on hand between July 1 to September 30 and raised another $433,000 during that same period. Some people are speculating that Sarah Palin may be looking at running for President in 2016 and is saving the money for those efforts.

Some of the candidates endorsed by Palin's SarahPAC include Sen. Pat Roberts of Kansas, Joe Carr, and Clint Didier, a former professional football player who is running for Congress in Washington. These conservative candidates are not faring so well despite Palin's endorsements. Roberts and Didier are both in tight races, and Carr lost an election bid to Sen. Lamar Alexander in Tennessee's GOP Primary.

The Raw Story reports that a total of four out of the 15 candidates endorsed by Sarah Palin's PAC managed to win their primaries. Their story also points out that money from Palin's PAC is being spent on Palin's expenses for speech-writing, traveling, research, and a consultant hired to advise Palin on "coalitions."

Palin's antics have put her in the spotlight lately and they probably haven't helped any GOP or Tea Party candidates associated with Sarah Palin. As the Inquisitr reported, Palin gave the wrong address for the White House when she was speaking at the Voter Values Summit in September. Add to that the reported brawl involving her daughter Bristol Palin at an Anchorage residence last month.

Palin hasn't divulged any plans to run for election in 2016 but, as the Washington Times reports, Palin said she would "never say never." Palin's PAC has raised more than $2.5 million in a two-year period. That was added to $1.1 million that was already in the bank, and records show that $2.7 million was spent from the PAC, with only about 5.5 percent, or $150,000, going to other conservative candidates.