Tiger Shark Attacks Maui Surfer, Bites Board

Dustin Wicksell

Crews worked to clear a section of beach in South Maui on Saturday, after a confirmed shark bite incident left one surfer with a row of teeth marks in his board and a lucky escape.

Though the surfer was uninjured, he appeared shaken by the shark attack, according to witnesses who spoke with The Maui News. Maui County spokesman Rod Antone confirmed that a tiger shark was responsible for the attack, measuring between 12 and 14 feet in length.

— MAUIWatch (@mauiwatch) October 18, 2014

"It was confirmed a 12 to 14 foot shark did bite a surfer's board. DLNR will be clearing the surrounding water," she said.

The surf off the Lauloa Condominium Resort was three to four feet high at the time of the attack, and according to Dan Dennison of Hawaii's Department of Land and Natural Resources, the water was dirty, a common risk factor for shark attacks. As Hurricane Ana passes to the South, a flash flood watch and high surf advisory are in effect for Maui, ahead of waves predicted to be in the 10-to 14-foot range.

Aggressive predators, tiger sharks are solitary hunters with a reputation for eating just about anything, as The Inquisitr previously reported. Growing to 13 feet, with exceptionally large specimens reaching 15 feet, tiger sharks are responsible for a large number of fatal attacks on humans and are commonly regarded as one of the more dangerous shark species.

Maui police closed beaches between McGregor's Point and Kealia Beach Pond due to a shark sighting, and they will remain closed until 12 p.m. on Sunday, at which time authorities will reassess the situation.

[Images via Maui Now]