Google Search Result: Mitt Romney Can’t Win

Poor Mitt Romney even algorithmic computer programs are saying he can’t win the U.S. Presidency or for that matter even the GOP primary. In an amusing “Did you mean” search result from Google on Friday users who type in “Romney Can Win” are asked by Google “Did you mean: Romney Can’t Win.”

Before skeptics try to claim that the search results (shown in the screen capture above) were fudged by typing in “Romney Can’t Win” first and then typing in the correct sentence that isn’t the case. Google often provides the opposite of a search and provides top searched query suggestions for searches, it just turns out that this time the search giant’s results are a bit anti-Mitt Romney.

Funny enough it’s only Mitt Romney receiving the “Did you mean” treatment is such a funny way.

This scenario harks back to the days of the Google “White People Stole My Car” fiasco with far less racist connotations.

Have you run into any other funny “Did you mean” Google search results lately? Feel free to share them in our comments section.