Waldorf Astoria Resort Offering 20-Hands Massage

If you happen to be visiting Maui in the near future be sure to stop by the Grand Wailea Resort for a nice relaxing $2,000 massage. The Waldorf Astoria property is offering that pricing for a “20-hands Duo Massage.”

According to MSNBC the 10 masseuses practice the massage weekly to ensure there are no embarrassing collisions or strange feelings during the massage but at $20 per finger it’s not for anyone looking to save money.

Speaking about their luxury offering the resort’s assistant spa director says:

“We were just throwing ideas around and were trying to come up with something fun and over-the-top.”

She says the effects of 100 fingers on the body created a “hula wave” effect which ultimately “tricks the brain into totally relaxing” since you can’t focus on where you’re being touched.

It should be noted that no customers have purchased the expensive massage at this point, although employees have been treated to the experience as workers continue to hone their new 20-hand massage.

Would you be willing to splurge on this luxury item?