Good News: FAA Says Sex While Skydiving Is Legal

Don’t worry the Federal Aviation Administration is 100% fine if you choose to have sex while skydiving, I know that was probably an issue that was worry most of our readers for a long time now.

The FAA made their ruling after determining that a videotaped skydiving sex stunt was not in violation of any regulations they currently have on the books. The FAA also ruled that the act which occurred in Kern County did not distract the pilot from performing their flying duties.

According to video evidence from the stunt FAA spokesman Ian Gregor says the pilot did not appear to be distracted while maintaining their typical piloting role during a skydiving exercise.

The video shows porn actor and part-time skydiving instructor Alex Torres from Skydive Taft having sex with with a female in the airplane and then continuing the act while free falling after making their jump.

Perhaps I should have said “former” part-time Skydive Taft employee Alex Torres as he was fired shortly after the video began making it’s rounds.

Do you think the porn actor and his female companion overstepped the bounds of common sense when they filmed a pornographic movie while skydiving?