15 NYPD Officers Turn Themselves In Over Ticket-Fixing And Other Charges

The New York Police Department is in shambles, first a former detective claims that officers have been framing people for years to “make quotas” then several officers were arrested this week for smuggling automatic weapons, stolen cigarettes and slot machines and one officer was arrested for extortion and racism. Now 15 officers have turned themselves in for fixing-tickets for friends and family.

Fifteen officers turned themselves over to internal affairs at around Midnight as a crowd of nearly 100 fellow officers shouted out support for their fellow policemen while shouting abuses at the Internal Affairs detectives who brought them down. A 16th officer who did not turn themselves in was arrested just before officers agreed to come in peacefully.

The officers are accused of making traffic tickets, DWIs and domestic disputes disappear for their friends and family members and in at least one case for a New York Yankees executive. In at least one case an officer allegedly accepted electronics and took profits from drug sales in exchange for removing tickets.

News of the arrests likely didn’t surprise the officers who were indicted last month. Once they learned of their upcoming arrests the officers quickly turned themselves in.

In more bad news for the NYPD 10 of the men who turned themselves in belong to the police union.

Also arrested as part of the investigation was an Internal Affairs lieutenant who has bee accused of leaking officer investigation details about the ticket fixing scheme tto her fellow officers.

I’m not sure what’s worse police officers fixing tickets for friends and family members or their fellow officers attacking the department that caught them in an illegal act, less we forget police are suppose to support all aspects of the law, even if it’s not convenient for them.

If that isn’t enough bad decision making for you check out the story about the NYPD officer who’s young daughter was accidentally given a gun to bring to school with them.

Do you think it was wrong of nearly 100 officers to show their support for corrupt officers?