Air France: Ebola Virus Symptoms Suspected In Europe, Staff Demands Ebola Travel Ban From West Africa

According to Air France, Ebola symptoms were suspected on a flight to Spain. Air France staff are now demanding an Ebola travel ban from West Africa for the airline, and airport screenings for the Ebola virus are now being introduced as a precautionary measure.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, media reports may claim that Ebola is airborne, but technically that exact scenario is extremely unlikely based upon evolutionary theory. Still, the idea that an airborne Ebola virus might be released upon the world has some Christians worried the plague may be from the Bible’s end times description in Revelation. The fear of Ebola has spread rapidly, and one Fox News anchor believes this reaction has been caused by “irresponsible [news] coverage.”

Earlier in the month, it was estimated that the Ebola virus outbreak in Africa is said to include 8,399 cases, including 4,033 deaths. When President Barack Obama discussed a potential U.S. Ebola travel ban, he dismissed the idea as “less effective” than his current plans. Obama believes that “we can’t just cut ourselves off from West Africa,” but that’s exactly what Air France’s Ebola reaction has suggested.

The reason behind this idea is the recent incident where a passenger on Air France Flight 1300 from Lagos via Paris started shaking during the flight. According to Reuters, Air France evacuated everyone on the airplane, and officials said the plane would be disinfected based upon a possible contamination.

But this is not the only Ebola case in Europe, according to a previous report from The Inquisitr.

“Recently, a Sudanese United Nations worker died from the Ebola virus while being treated in Germany. Two missionaries died in Spain but not before transferring the deadly virus to a Spanish nurse named Teresa Romer Ramos. There’s multiple other Ebola cases in Europe being treated in Germany, Holland, and Spain, and one fortunate man was cured of his illness.”

According to the Telegraph, Air France unions have called for an Ebola travel ban until the epidemic is brought under control in West Africa. Unions claim that daily flights “carry a serious risk of spreading the epidemic, particularly in our country,” and flight crews have complained about “inadequate” protection provided by Air France’s Ebola protection measures. Although screenings for Ebola symptoms have started in French airports, Air France staff says management provided them “simply with a pair of gloves.”