Stacy Schuler Not Insane, Sentenced to Four Years for Student Sex Scandal

Stacy Schuler was found guilty today on 16 counts of sexual battery for having sexual relations with five of her students. Schuler tried to plead insanity, but Judge Robert Peeler rejected her plea and sentenced Schuler to four years.

Schuler, a former gym and health teacher at a school in the suburbs of Cincinnati, had sex with five students. On top of the sex charges, Schuler was also convicted of three misdemeanor counts of providing alcohol to minors.

According to the Cincinnati Community Press, the sexual encounters between Schuler and her students, who were about 17 at the time, occurred at her Sprinboro home between August and December 2010. Schuler gave the students vodka smoothies, beer and peach wine. The students also testified that they found Schuler’s home a “safe place” to get high.

Schuler tried a defense of insanity, but the prosecutors weren’t buying it.

Warren County Prosecutor Teresa Hiett said:

“She got drunk and made some really poor choices. Does that mean she’s insane? No. She was the adult. She was the teacher. She had the trust. It’s the relationship between the defendant and the victims that makes this a crime.”

Defense attorney Charlie H. Rittgers said:

“They want us to believe that all of a sudden after 10 years teaching, she wants to throw it away to have sex with five different guys… It’s far more reasonable to believe Stacy was suffering from an underlying psychological disorder.”

Judge Peeler agreed that Schuler suffered from mental problems and possibly had a bipolar disorder, but concluded that voluntary alcohol consumption would not be taken into consideration when determining an insanity plea. Peeler said it would be a “magnificent leap” to say that Peeler didn’t know what she was doing was wrong.

Do you think Stacy Schuler should have been sentenced to more than four years for her crime?