Fifth Grader Tristan Kurilla In Jail With Adults After Being Accused Of Murdering A 90-Year-Old Women

A 90-year-old woman was killed last week in Pennsylvania, allegedly after 10-year-old Tristan Kurilla pushed her then put her own cane to her throat. Kurilla was visiting with his grandfather, who was the woman's caretaker.

According to an affidavit by the Wayne County Police, Kurilla said, "I killed that lady." Kurilla was formally charged on Monday. He is being held in the Wayne County Correctional Facility, which is an adult prison, reports Yahoo News.

Kurilla was brought to the Pennsylvania State Police Barracks located in Honesdale by his mother on Saturday.

Pennsylvania law states that, in cases of first or second degree murder, the accused is automatically charged as though they were an adult. However, it is possible that Kurilla could be released on bond or transferred to a juvenile facility.

On Wednesday, CNN reported that Kurilla's attorney announced that the boy would undergo a psychological evaluation, and that he would petition to have the case moved to juvenile court. The Kurilla family let the child's attorney know that at this time they did not want their son removed from the adult prison.

Kurilla is being kept in a private area away from the adult inmates. Kurilla has been given coloring books, video games, and a television.

The Times Tribune reported that Kurilla wrote notes to his family, telling them that he loved them and that the food they served him was good. He also reportedly, wrote a note about "how to escape."

Had the woman survived, Kurilla would barely be old enough to be put in the juvenile justice system.

The Daily News reports that Kurilla's parents are an "emotional wreck" following their sons confession to killing the 90-year-old woman. Kurilla was visiting with his grandfather on Saturday, October 11, when for unknown reasons he entered Helen Novak's bedroom. Kurilla's grandfather had taken in Novak in so he could care for her.

69 News reported that Kurilla asked Novak a question after entering her room. Reportedly, Novak got upset, yelled at the boy, and asked him to leave the room. Kurilla then became enraged, and allegedly used her cane to hook her by the neck and pulled her back to the bed. Allegedly, once she was back on the bed, Kurilla pressed her cane against her neck and repeatedly hit her in the neck and stomach.

Kurilla has been charged as an adult with criminal homicide and aggravated assault.