Lisa Rinna Leaving ‘Housewives’? Brandi Glanville Feud Too Much For Actress?

Lisa Rinna has already encountered her first bit of drama on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. According to She Knows, Lisa has been having problems with Brandi Glanville, one “housewife” who always seems to be in the middle of every problem on the show. Apparently, the women don’t see eye to eye, and sources say that Brandi’s claws have come out because she’s actually jealous of the actress.

“Lisa is getting along with many of the ladies, with the exception of Brandi and Yolanda. According to Brandi, Lisa has the perfect life, and she is very jealous of that. Brandi’s problem with Lisa is that she is happily married and has two beautiful daughters,” explained a source.

Lisa Rinna has been getting along well with the other Housewives, however, which is not too surprising. According to Reality Tea, Lisa Rinna has had some great experiences on the show so far. Former HousewifeAdrienne Maloof is back again this season, and she had nothing but wonderful things to say about the newcomer. Of course, many of these women are actually friends outside of the television show, so that helps.

Speaking of Maloof, her return is highly anticipated. So far, things are going well. She seems to have worked her way back into the show pretty seamlessly… though fans will be able to see just how seamless the transition was or wasn’t when Bravo begins airing the season.

“I think I’m better equipped now to deal with what to expect from ‘Housewives.’ I really wanted to come full circle and have some closure with the women. And the producers agreed, that’s a fantastic idea. I was a little nervous on the first day of shooting, which is to be expected. Some of the old feelings came back, so it was a little bittersweet. But overall, it was good to see all the ladies.”

There is a chance that Lisa Rinna may decide to be done with the show after one season because the drama might be way too much for her. This sort of reality show isn’t easily dealt with by everyone. There is also a chance fans won’t like Lisa and Bravo won’t invite her back… but it’s way too soon to jump to those conclusions.

According to The Inquisitr, there is another Lisa who will be closely watched this season, and that’s Lisa Vanderpump. Fortunately, Rinna and Vanderpump are friends — and can totally bond over hating Brandi, so that’s a plus, right? Rinna will certainly have an easier time on the show if she stays focused on her real friends and leaves the drama for people who have nothing better to do… but everyone knows how things go on RHOBH. Fights tend to be all or nothing.

[Photo courtesy of Slodive]