‘Dr. Strange’ Movie News: Joaquin Phoenix Not Out Yet?

The latest Dr. Strange movie news involves a twist with Joaquin Phoenix’s possible change of heart. It was previously announced by his publicist that talks with Marvel over his casting are “dead,” but he may have changed his mind.

Phoenix is allegedly still among the possibilities to play the role of Stephen Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme.

As Avengers: Age of Ultron looms next in Marvel’s lineup, and Captain America 3 introduces its own version of the Marvel Civil War, fans are likely speculating what role Stephen Strange will play in all of it. In the Civil War story arc canon, it is highly unlikely that the movie will follow exactly, with Spider-Man still being a Sony property while playing a major role in the original story. Strange played a somewhat minor role, initially refusing to be involved, but in the end, housing the renegade Avengers.

In this way, the renowned mystic could play a major role in Avengers 3 as their reluctant new leader.

The question still remains in this round of Dr. Strange movie news: Who will play the title role if Joaquin Phoenix drops out entirely?

According to The Wrap, Joaquin Phoenix still wants the role, and he’s joined by Benedict Cumberbatch on the list of people who might fill the magical shoes. New to the list of potentials are Keanu Reeves, Ryan Gosling, Jared Leto, Ethan Hawke, Justin Theroux, and Colin Farrell.

Keanu Reeves might be one of Marvel’s worst additions to the cinematic universe if he’s chosen, because the critics have opined over and over how he can’t act.

They have said the same about Colin Farrell, who seems more of a victim of bad choices for movie roles with such stinkers as Ben Affleck’s Daredevil, Oliver Stone’s Alexander, and the Total Recall remake. However, Farrell will wrap up his role in True Detective just in time to snag the role if he’s chosen, making for a controversial addition to the Dr. Strange movie news.

Ryan Gosling has been known to evade the spotlight in his choice of movie roles, and somehow became famous anyway. The same can be said for Mark Ruffalo, who never really had much fame until he became the fan-favorite Hulk actor.

Jared Leto isn’t really famous for his roles, but his movies (Fight Club, Requiem for a Dream, Dallas Buyers Club) and his band Thirty Seconds to Mars have certainly helped him build a reputation.

Ethan Hawke and Justin Theroux could be surprisingly good additions to the Dr. Strange movie’s title role as well.

These additions to the Dr. Strange movie news and potential casting may need to be officially narrowed soon, because it is said that Marvel is already moving ahead with the film.

The official synopsis, according to IMDb, follows Stephen Strange being an arrogant surgeon whose lust for money is cut short when he has an accident which destroys his hands and career. When the Ancient One finds him and recognizes a talent even he didn’t know about, Stephen becomes the Sorcerer Supreme, defending Earth from the less physical threats.

The role will demand a good range of acting talent, and the fans are eagerly awaiting Marvel’s decision of who will play the title role in the latest Dr. Strange movie news.

Could Joaquin Phoenix officially take the role again, or will he be replaced?

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