Student Sues High School Over 'F' On Test: Afraid It Will Hurt Her Chances Of Getting Into College

A Renton, Washington, high school student is suing her school district after they refused to overturn an "F" grade she received on a test for allegedly cheating.

The unidentified student was accused of cheating on a chemistry test in June, after her teacher found a cheat sheet in a pencil pouch that was accessible during the test.

As a result, the Linbergh High School student was still given an "F" on the test and one day of detention as disciplinary action.

According to Fox News, she appealed to the school's principal, then the Renton School Board. The detention was revoked and removed from her record, but the school left the failing grade in place.

"After careful review," the school board wrote in its September 23 decision, "the council finds that that the final grade submitted by the teacher, with the reduction for the academic infraction, is upheld by a preponderance of the evidence submitted."

The student and her parents insist that the grade is unfair because the teacher never actually saw her using the cheat sheet, but just assumed she was cheating.

The lawsuit filed by the student's parents is not seeking financial compensation. She just wants the bad grade dropped from her record so it will not affect her chances of getting into college.

Greg McBroom, the girl's attorney, told Seattle PI on Tuesday, "That's the only reason she's filing the lawsuit. She's never had any problems with the school. No disciplinary record. Nothing."

According to Seattle PI, the unnamed student's case is unusual in Washington State, where state law allows parents and students to ask the superior court to review disciplinary decisions if they are not happy with the outcome of the school districts' appeals process.

Lawsuits have been filed when parents or students believe they have been punished more sternly than other students for the same infractions, in most cases when they involve long-term suspensions or expulsion. There have also been lawsuits disputing disciplinary action against athletes which impact their eligibility to participate sports, such as this hazing incident recently reported by The Inquisitr.

In the Lindbergh student's case, however, the punishment was lifted by the school, and she is only appealing the grade – something that Renton School District spokesperson Randy Matheson says is unusual. Students can't appeal grades they don't like to the school board.

"We trust our teachers to dole out the grade based on a student's work, and if there's a challenge to that it happens at the school level," he said.

A hearing date has not been set, but McBroom says they are hoping to resolve the matter as soon as possible so the student can begin applying to colleges.

Do you think this courts should reverse this student's bad grade?

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