Shocking Video Shows A Texas Cop Calling Over A Playful Dog To Shoot It [Video]

A shocking video was uploaded to YouTube that shows a cop shooting what appears to be a playful dog.

WFAA reports that the incident happened in Cleburne, Texas, in August. Amanda Henderson and her husband said their dog, Maximus, was shot and killed by Cleburne police it what she can only see as “murder.”

“I see a murder. I see him murdering my puppy, our family… our dog.”

It was August when police responded to a report of Henderson’s pit bulls aggressively roaming the neighborhood. They had escaped from her fenced-in backyard. One was captured almost immediately, however, a police report says when an officer located the other two, they were friendly at first and wagging their tails, until 7-month-old Maximus started growling and coming towards the officer. The officer then shot him in defense.

The family just could not believe that Maximus, a friendly dog, would act this way, so they requested to few the officer’s lapel pin video of the incident. What they saw was both shocking and liberating for the family because they saw what they knew to be true — their dog being friendly and wagging his tail until the end.

“Never once did Max stop wagging his tail. Never once do you hear a growl, an aggressive anything.”

The police department claims that the video clip of the dog doesn’t show the whole story. Police spokeswoman Kelly Summey said the dog was indeed being aggressive prior to being shot, but some have to wonder, when did this aggression occur? It certainly could not be seen in the video provided by the officer’s own lapel pin. The dog was not attacking, growling, or acting aggressive at the time he was shot. If he was aggressive earlier, why was he not shot then?

Was this tragic event a result of pit bull-phobia and fear perpetuated about the breed of dog? Or was the cop just simply out to kill the dog? What do you think? Did you see any aggression from the dog in the video?