Montreal UFO: Was The Same Green, Shapeshifting Object Spotted Two Days Later In Peru?

Sightings of strange, yet similar lights in the sky have been reported days apart in both Montreal and Peru, leading some to conclude that the mysterious UFOs could in fact be the same object.

A greenish UFO was spotted hovering over Montreal last week, according to io9, even appearing inadvertently in an evening newscast behind anchor Colette Provencher. The strange object appeared to change shape and color as it hovered, before plummeting to Earth. While the UFO caught the attention of many viewers, a similar object spotted in the skies over Lima, Peru, two days later quickly added an entirely new dimension to the sighting.

According to Inexplicata, a mysterious UFO was sighted over Lima on October 5, and was filmed by Melina Silva. Much like the object sighted over Montreal, the Peruvian UFO reportedly shape-shifted as it was observed from the ground.

“The UFO was greenish and changed shape. Sometimes it resembled a saucer, and at other moments it had an aspect similar to a ‘boomerang.’ The witness thought she was seeing the maneuvers of a remotely guided airplane, but it had no intermittent lighting. Furthermore, a remotely-controlled airplane must have anti-collision lights, by law.”

The UFO filmed over Lima not only changed shape readily, but was also observed under well-lit conditions. The video reveals a nearly full moon, as well as urban lighting, through which the green UFO can clearly be spotted.

The UFO sighting in Montreal was followed by reports of a fire at a nearby farm in Saint-Isidore parish in Montérégie, Quebec, leading some to speculate that the two incidents were somehow connected. According to TVA News, however, police asserted that the fire was electrical, and the object was not responsible.

Sebastien Giguere, scientific and education coordinator for the Mont-Mégantic Observatory AstroLab, asserted that there could be a scientific explanation for the Montreal UFO.

“What I have witnessed on the weather sequence, it looks like a big shooting star, a big meteor,” he said. “Shooting stars, they’re every day of the year.”

Recently, NASA released video of a spacewalk performed by astronauts outside the ISS. As The Inquisitr previously reported, the video quickly went viral when a mysterious UFO was spotted in the background, appearing for just a scant five seconds of the footage.

While the objects in Montreal and Peru share similarities in color and shape, it remains unclear whether these UFO sightings are connected.

[Images: TVA News via Io9]