Is This The World’s Sexiest Politician? Swedish Health Minister Has Massive Sex Appeal

Andre Poyser

Who says looks don't matter in politics? Sweden's Public Health Minister, Gabriel Wikström, has certainly dispelled that view with his increasing popularity; an increase fueled by his handsome appearance.

According to the BBC, Sweden's new health minister has gained a massive social media following because of his good looks.

The health minister's route to social media stardom began last Sunday, when a Turkish fan posted a photo with a caption that read: 'The Handsome Minister'.

Within days, the photo had gone viral and the politician found himself being bombarded with messages from his growing number of Turkish fans, as well as others from across Europe.

The Local, a popular newspaper in Sweden, reported on the health minister's reaction to his new found social media fame.

"I can't feel anything but honored and glad. And a little bit surprised, I must admit. Hopefully I can be a role model and inspire young people in Turkey to get involved in politics," he told The Local.

The health minister, who is only 29-years-old, is one of the youngest politicians in Sweden, and served as a local councilor in Sweden. He also led his party's youth organization from 2011 until becoming a minister.

After the initial interest in his Twitter profile, he enlisted the help of a fellow minister to write a tweet back to his foreign fans.

"Welcome to my followers from Turkey and thank you," he posted.

He was rather surprised by the response -- the message was retweeted 8,500 times.

"I must admit that I am flattered. But I don't think it's just about my appearance, it also seems to be about my age and that I'm a minister with a heavyweight portfolio, including healthcare and sports. As I understand it, that is quite uncommon in Turkey"

His good looks aside, the health minister seems quite serious about making an impact in Sweden's health sector.

On Saturday he tweeted a story about the $500 million investment that the government will be making annually to provide cancer care and ensure it is more widely available in Sweden.

He also tweeted about several meetings he has had regarding Sweden's response to the Ebola outbreak. The Inquisitr had earlier reported that Ebola has been suspected in Sweden after a tourist returned from a trip in Africa.

Falling health care standards was a big issue in the recently held elections, and as such, the Health Minister will have to deliver on his promises to improve health care in Sweden.

[Image via Sören Andersson/Government Offices of Sweden]