November 6, 2016
Prison Guard Dead: Lottie Alfreda Denny Killed In Philadelphia Home

Lottie Denny, aka Lottie Alfreda Denny, was found dead of mortal stab wounds in her Philadelphia home, according to NBC-10. Lottie "Freda" Denny was a prison guard in the Philadelphia Department of Corrections system.

Police were tipped off when Lottie Denny failed to show up at her job at the Philadelphia Department of Corrections University Avenue facility. Employees say Denny had two days off, but was expected to show up for work as usual.

When she failed to appear, someone from the department alerted her family members, and that's when police say her brother went to the home and found her dead on the floor. Philadelphia law enforcement authorities arrived at the crime scene located between 2516 and 2518 S 63rd St., where they found the body of a deceased African-American female lying face down in a pool of blood on the living room floor.

An forensic examination of the crime scene indicated that the woman was most likely killed by someone she knew, since there was no sign of forced entry. Her shocked neighbors and grieving family crowded around outside the home as police gathered evidence. It was an intense and emotional scene.

Lottie Denny's sister told CBS Philadelphia the following.

"My sister was loving and she didn't deserve what they did to her. Whoever did it, turn yourself in, let my sister rest in peace and let the family rest in peace, please. I just want him to be caught whoever did it. Because he was a bum to come stab her in the back. We just want justice, that's all we want, just justice."

The president of AFSCME Local 59 told media outlets that Denny was a beloved officer who was very dear to her friends. He went on to express how much she will be missed by her employees. Lottie Alfreda Denny had an impeccable work record in the penal system, where she worked for over 20 years.

As of now, the investigators have not arrested anyone, but say they have a lead in the case. CBS Philly reports that an "acquaintance" of Denny was stopped by police on Wednesday night and given a ticket for driving without a license. He was driving the victim's missing SUV. Sources say the man is Lottie Denny's boyfriend. When he was stopped on Wednesday, police were unaware of the tragic events involving Lottie Denny.

A public records search revealed a person with the same name, Lottie Alfreda Denny, who was tied to a 1980s Philadelphia murder case. In that case, the boyfriend of a Lottie Freda Denny tried to use her as an alibi witness for his defense at trial. However, prosecutors stated that Denny was not with her boyfriend and had already returned home, which was why she was not called as a witness in that trial.

Lottie Denny leaves behind a daughter from Florida and two grandchildren. In 2012, Inquisitr reported on the death of another correctional officer who was killed in Mississippi during a prison riot.

(Photo Credit: Facebook)