Student Gets Tattoo Of Quadratic Equation After Failing His Exams

Rory Kirkman, 19, a student studying psychology and criminology at the University of the West of England in Bristol, has found a way to remember a math equation that has caused him to fail his exams.

Kirkman received failing marks twice for his AS Level paper while studying at the Devonport High School for Boys in Plymouth. He then told his friends that he would get a tattoo of the quadratic equation if he fails to get at least a B after taking the exam for the third time, Mirror UK reports.

"After two years of sitting Maths AS, I had only obtained a U and a D. I wanted a lot better, so I decided to re-sit for a third year."

This meant that Kirkman had to be in a class at 19-years-old when his classmates were three years his junior.

According to Western Daily Press UK, Kirkman knew that he was capable of getting a higher grade than the failing marks that he got on his two exams. The tattoo was meant to motivate him to pass his third take, as he was getting a lot of heat from his friends for failing so many times.

Unfortunately, he still failed his third take of the exam by three marks, and decided to keep his promise to his friends. Backing out never crossed his mind.

"I got it done straight after Fresher's Week because I knew if I had it done during I would get it done somewhere really stupid."

The tattoo artist was a little shocked by Kirkman's tattoo design, but told him that he was brave for doing it.

"He told me I was brave, apparently getting it done on your bottom is a really notoriously painful place, I chose it because it was quite hidden. It was painful, extremely painful, it was my first tattoo too so I had no idea what to expect."

Kirkman said he loves his tattoo, and he proudly shows it to anyone who would like to see it. He said that he never really plans on using the quadratic equation tattoo, but it serves as a reminder.

Kirkman's friends told him to tweet his tattoo as soon as he got it, and that's just what he did. They did not believe he was going to go through with his promise until they saw the picture of his bottom marked with the quadratic equation.

[Image via Mirror UK]