Chris Harrison Shares Exciting ‘Bachelor’ News – Chris Soules’ Love Story Is Well Under Way

Bachelor host Chris Harrison shared some big news about The Bachelor Season 19 this week. Fans are anxious to find out if Chris Soules gets engaged and who this season’s crazy villain is, but because filming is still underway, all Harrison can reveal is that the season premiere is less than three months away.

Harrison tweeted on Thursday that Chris Soules’ big day is coming soon — the upcoming season of The Bachelor will premiere on Monday, January 5, 2015. That’s welcome news to anyone who wants to watch the handsome farmer find a wife, or at least date 25 women on national television.

Both Farmer Chris and Rosemaster Chris have been traveling around the country with the ladies who are vying for Soules’ heart. According to Reality Steve, filming started on September 25 at the Bachelor mansion in LA with 25 women meeting Chris for the first time in the legendary driveway. WetPaint reports that Bachelor producer Mike Fleiss tweeted that night one was “great and bizarre” and the girls are “fantastic.”

Since the first cocktail party and first night eliminations, the cast and crew have traveled to three locations within the United States. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the first three episodes were filmed in California. Episode four was filmed in New Mexico, where a few fans were able to snap photos of The Bachelor at a hot air balloon festival. Expect to see Chris and one contestant enjoy a date in one of those gigantic balloons this season — let’s just hope she’s not afraid of heights.

Filming is speeding right along, with Reality Steve spoiling the next two locations on his blog this week. Chris is now in the process of dating and eliminating girls while filming episode 6 in South Dakota. The next stop is reportedly Des Moines, Iowa, in keeping with the “we’re not traveling to any place exotic” theme this season.

After the crew finishing filming Chris’ adventures in Iowa, it will be time for hometown dates. That means overnights and the final rose ceremony will be filmed in just a few weeks. And that means it’s almost time for fans who love spoilers to find out who blogger Reality Steve predicts will be Chris’ final pick and if he gets engaged on the season finale.

So far, Steve has written very few spoilers, other than the shoot locations and the names of about 10 of Chris’ girls. Either the production team is doing a good job at keeping Chris’ season under wraps or Steve is keeping the juicy details to himself until filming for the season wraps up.

Do you think Chris Soules will find love and get engaged on The Bachelor?