100-Year-Old Woman Raped In Home Invasion, Alleged Attacker Is 35

A 100-year-old woman raped in Kansas, allegedly by a 35-year-old attacker, “will never be the same,” according to one of the neighbors who attended to her when she escaped from her home and spoke of what had happened.

At the time of the video posted below, there were no arrests that had been made in the case, though Wichita Police said they were looking for one perpetrator and possibly two.

Since that time, KAKE reports, “35-year-old Kasey L. Nesbitt was charged with one count of rape and one count of aggravated burglary” for assaulting the elderly woman in her home at the southeast part of the city. The attack occurred in September.

“There’s nothing that’s gonna fix her. Nothing,” said Karisa Robinson, who lives next door to the victim. “She’s never gonna be the same, she’s never gonna be able to sleep at night. She’s lived on this world 100 years and never experienced anything like that, and it just breaks my heart.”

“All rape is a deplorable crime,” added Captain Troy Livingston of the Wichita PD, “but when you look at the age of our victim, it becomes a little bit more concerning and a little bit more disturbing… On these type of cases, you always try to look for DNA and compare it to an existing database.”

If the 100-year-old was raped by Nesbitt, Wichita won’t have to look far, but there is still the issue of a possible second attacker — something yet to be cleared up.

Livingston urged citizens in the area to keep their doors and windows locked. “We live in a community and we look out for each other. So people should be encouraged to call in and report suspicious activity.”

The crime rate in the area where the 100-year-old woman was raped has been increasing steadily with reported gang activity. Robinson, a young mother, said she wants out and that she’s ready to move.

“I didn’t know that somebody could do that to a woman that age,” Robinson said. “It’s sickening. Very sickening.”

As for Nesbitt, he is scheduled to be back in court for a preliminary hearing on October 29. His bond is set at $250,000.

What do you think about this case, readers? While the 100-year-old who was raped is in stable condition, the fallout from this could easily lead to drastic health deterioration. Do you think prosecutors should consider an attempted murder sentence along with the sexual assault?

How would you handle this assailant’s punishment if he is proven guilty?