Former Director Of South Carolina GOP Has Solution To Ebola Crisis: Execute All Patients, Napalm Villages

In what one could only wish is a sad attempt at humor, Todd Kincannon has presented a simple solution for the Ebola crisis - execute all patients and napalm villages.

Whether it is calling Wendy Davis a w**re or noting battered wife Janay Rice is a dumb a**, Kincannon is no newbie to controversy. In true Kincannon style, the extreme statements were made via his Twitter account in regards to the latest Ebola crisis.

Kincannon has made numerous tweets about the outbreak and says he has a simple solution, "immediate humane execution" of anyone who tests positive for the deadly virus. If "humane killing" isn't in your tastes, try some inhumane killing in the form of napalm. Kincannon suggests in one tweet that napalming West African villages would be a good start to Ebola eradication.

See the disturbing series of tweets below.

In case you still weren't clear on Kincannon's stance, he reiterated to one follower that even those that survive the disease he would have killed with "zero hesitation."Some were still a little confused about how Kincannon could be so cold-hearted, but he clarified it all with a nice quote from Old Yeller.Kincannon left no room for doubt that he was seems grimly content to kill those infected with the deadly virus, but that isn't the end of it. He also noted that the Ebola virus could potentially be used as a weapon.What do you think of Todd Kincannon and his extreme views?