Little Girl Suspended For Pink Hair After Charity ‘Color Run’ [VIDEO]

A Texas girl’s involvement in a charity run got her suspended from school.

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Carol Stone said her daughter, Hailey, participated in a color run for charity over the weekend.

Runners wear white and get doused with colored dyes, and some pink dye got in Hailey’s hair.

When she went to class on Monday, she was put on in-school suspension for violating her elementary school’s code of conduct, which forbids unnatural hair color. The principal responded that it was a violation of the school’s dress code.

“Having unnatural color hair is a violation of the school’s dress code. It is a level one offense and the consequences vary. All parents sign the student code of conduct which outlines a student may not have colored hair.”

Stone still thinks the school’s response was a little too much.

“We didn’t plan for her hair to be colored like that. It definitely wasn’t done on purpose, so I didn’t believe it was right for that to happen,” Stone said.

Stone is keeping her daughter home until the dye washes out of her hair, but said the school went too far.

The principal is standing behind the decision to punish Hailey. She said that Hailey is welcome to return to school at any time, but if her hair is still pink, she will have to receive in-school suspension.

What do you think of the school’s decision to suspend Hailey?