‘X-Men: Apocalypse’: Next Film To Be Renamed?

New reports suggest that the upcoming X-Men film gearing up for production in Montreal, thought to be titled Apocalypse, may in fact have an altogether different name, appealing more directly to hardcore fans.

According to Showbiz 411, a casting call has been released for the new X-Men film, revealing the title of the production to be X-Men: Akkaba. The casting call reportedly seeks three 18-year-old actors to play characters that are actually 16 in the X-Men universe, to be named Ava, Dylan, and Sabrina. Moviepilot speculates that the three names actually refer to the younger versions of X-Men lead characters Scott, Jean, and Storm. They also point out that no physical evidence has been presented to substantiate claims of a new title.

If the name of the film has indeed changed, Akkaba would still reference the rumored villain of the next X-Men movie, Apocalypse. Akkaba, in fact, refers to a cult of mutants that worship Apocalypse, most notably his four horsemen, including death.

X-Men fans have believed that Apocalypse is the title for the next film ever since director Bryan Singer tweeted about the project late last year, prior to the release of this summer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past. While the name has been used frequently in interviews, no real announcement has made it official, though a photo of a script treatment using the title Apocalypse was released as a teaser by Singer, according to Paste.

#Xmen #Apocalypse 2016! — Bryan Singer (@BryanSinger) December 5, 2013

In a recent interview, writer and producer Simon Kinberg said that X-Men: Apocalypse would effectively close a trilogy begun with First Class and continued with Days of Future Past. As The Inquisitr noted, Kinberg also asserted that the upcoming film would introduce new characters that haven’t yet appeared on screen.

“The thrust of ‘Apocalypse’ is really to complete the trilogy we began with ‘First Class’ – to complete the stories of young Raven, young Hank, younger Charles and Erik. And complete this trilogy of four people who began the films sort of disparate and in different worlds… [and who] we’ve followed through the span of decades.”

Also known as En Sabah Nur, or “The First One,” Apocalypse is one of the most powerful villains in the X-Men universe. First appearing in X-Factor No. 6., he is thought to be the first super-powered mutant on Earth. Existing since the days of ancient Egypt, Apocalypse has overthrown pharaohs and inspired his followers to worship him as a god.

The next X-Men film hits theaters on May 27th, 2016, whether titled Apocalypse or Akkaba.

[Image via Flickering Myth]