‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Spoilers: ‘Greensleeves’ Brings Mysterious Twists And Turns

The last episode of Sons of Anarchy had viewers hanging on by a threadm and people cannot wait to see what lies ahead in the next episode airing on October 21. The season 7, episode 7 show is titled “Greensleeves” and fans are anxious to know what’s going to go down. What Sons of Anarchy spoilers are available for this one?

Obviously there are big things ahead in this coming episode for Juice Ortiz. The last fans saw, he was being led out of where the Mayans had him by Jax and the rest of the SAMCRO crew. Of course this is not a good situation for him and many worry that Ortiz is soon going to be dead.

However, the Sons of Anarchy spoiler preview for “Greensleeves” made many wonder. Juice seems to be seen getting his kutte back from Jax as he apologizes to the SAMCRO king. In addition, it appears that Juice, wearing his kutte, shoots at a group of police motorcycles and then tosses the gun down as he races away, police cars not far behind. Clearly there is a plan in place here, surely formulated by Jax, but what does it all mean?

The official synopsis via TV Guide reveals little in the way of Sons of Anarchy spoilers. It seems the club will put together an unlikely partnership with the goal of undermining one of their enemies. The show’s creator, Kurt Sutter, sure isn’t revealing much with these episode descriptions this season and fans wouldn’t expect to see it any other way. Is the unlikely partnership between Jax and Juice, or a bigger mix of SAMCRO and one of the other groups?

It is known that there will be continuing interactions with Tyler, as he is seen in the photos released by FX for this episode, and other photos reveal something intriguing to fans. Josh Wingate, credited as playing Greensleeves, and Inbar Lavi, credited as playing Winsome, will factor into this episode. The question is, just who are these two?

FX hasn’t released many photos for this episode, yet two of them feature Wingate and Lavi. In fact, Sutter even retweeted a post with the photo with Lavi that teased that viewers will be introduced to her character in “Greensleeves.” The character is a dark-haired young woman riding in an older car, which looks like it may be Nero’s car in one photo. The other photo of the two shows the two actors together.

'Sons of Anarchy' episode 7x07 'Greensleeves'

Many guest stars this season have had very minor roles, such as those played by Courtney Love and Malcolm-Jamal Warner. Could these two play a more significant role?

Some SOA fans are speculating that these could be in a flashback to a young John Teller and Gemma, or perhaps the young lady plays someone related to Tara or Gemma. If she is in Nero’s car, though, then these scenarios seem unlikely. Granted, the two could have far less meaning than anything fans are speculating, but viewers will learn more on Tuesday. There seems to be something about these two, though, that has fans suspecting they will be key in this episode.

What does “Greensleeves” mean and how does it tie in to Juice, SAMCRO, Gemma’s deception, and Tara’s murder? It’s all rather mysterious right now. The only thing known for certain is that Kurt Sutter thinks through every detail he incorporates into this show and thus there must be a meaning behind referencing these characters as “Greensleeves” and “Winsome.”

A Google search does provide one interesting possibility in the synopsis for the Gerard Donovan work Julius Winsome: A Novel that references Greensleeves. That connection may be an unrelated stretch, but Sutter is definitely up to something with the names, and viewers are anxious to see what he’s weaving together.

Other tidbits from the Sons of Anarchy spoiler preview indicate that Happy will tell Gemma that Jax wants her at the cabin for club business, and she is clearly on edge. Unser tells Jax that he needs Teller’s word that someone won’t be harmed. While many initially figured he was referring to Gemma, others theorize that Unser is actually referring to Eglee, the cop at the hospital.

Just what does Juice tell Jax? Sutter has indicated that Jax may not learn the full truth regarding what happened to Tara, but obviously Juice could tell him enough to create some big problems and give Jax reason to keep him alive.

Interestingly, the episode after this one, titled “The Separation of Crows,” may well be bigger than this episode. TV Guide teases Sons of Anarchy spoilers that SAMCRO will be searching for a missing member and it is suspected that someone in SAMCRO is a traitor. Watch for the groundwork to be laid on this one during “Greensleeves,” as things are getting more complicated by the episode.

Nobody knows how this final ride will end, other than that it will surely be a wild and shocking journey. The cast and crew are just starting to film the final episode right now, and cast members are teasing that it’s stunning. Tune in to Sons of Anarchy airing on Tuesday, October 21 to see just what happens to Juice in “Greensleeves.”

[Image via Prashant Gupta/FX]