Male Strippers Quarantined: CDC ‘Irresponsible’ After Flight With Ebola Patient?

Male strippers quarantined themselves after being on a plane with an Ebola patient. According to The New York Daily News, Axl Goode and Taylor Cole have decided to keep themselves in isolation after learning that someone on their recent flight from Cleveland to Dallas was diagnosed with the disease. Despite the fact that the CDC didn’t think that anyone on the flight needed to be kept in isolation, both Axl and Taylor have vowed to stay away from others people for the next 21 days — just as a precaution and a general service to the public.

“If a stripper can make a decision that’s more responsible than the CDC, then surely other people can make those decisions, too. It’s not rocket science,” said Axl.

The male strippers quarantined by their own choice flew with nurse Amber Vinson on Frontier Airline’s Flight 1142 on Monday. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Vinson was the second nurse to contract Ebola while caring for Thomas Eric Duncan, who passed away last week from the disease. After showing symptoms, the 29-year-old nurse was isolated but she had already been on a plane. Although all of the passengers on the flight were advised to get checked out, the CDC did not recommend that any one of them remain in isolation.

“This is not only good for me, but for the greater public as well. I’m taking a proactive approach to protecting people,” Goode said.

According to Edge Boston, Goode has absolutely no problem keeping to himself inside of his apartment. In his mind, the CDC should have encouraged all passengers on board that flight to lay low for a while. Despite the fact that the disease is not airborne, even a one percent chance is enough for someone like Goode to say, “Hey, I’d rather not take the chance.”

“If she was contagious on that flight, I was there with her in that space for three hours. I would rather keep my friends, family and other people safe by sacrificing the next three weeks and staying indoors in my apartment,” he said.

The male strippers will stay quarantined until they are sure that they were not infected (the Ebola incubation period is 21 days, hence where Axl and Taylor came up with that figure). If either of them shows any signs of illness over the next several days, they will be sure to call a hospital — and it wouldn’t be surprising if they reached out to the media as well.

Do you think Axl and Taylor are doing the right thing?

[Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons]