WWE: CM Punk And AJ Lee Punk Fan Who Didn't Even Ask About WWE Return [Photos]

Patrick Frye

Former WWE superstar CM Punk and AJ Lee reportedly treated a wrestling fan quite rudely when Phil Brooks and his wife were spotted in Chicago at United Center during the Blackhawks Vs. Calgary Flames game. But other fans believe that's just CM Punk being Punk.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, although TNA is expected to make a major signing announcement soon, most insiders believe CM Punk is unlikely to be on that list. But it is possible that CM Punk may host a reality TV show some time in the future.

Over on WrestlingForum.com, this is how the fan describes his CM Punk photo encounter.

"Now I dont know if I put this is the wrong section or not but anyways. I was at the hawks game and im standing getting food and I look to my left and literally two feet next to me AJ and Punk are standing. Now I am obsessed with both Punk and AJ so i had a little heart attack. But what I kind of didn't like is the only think I said to them was, 'Hey Phil can I get a picture, please?' And he smirked and totally ignored me, looking around like he was spacing the hell out. I didn't say anything else so he didn't think I was a crazy fan but, dude, has Punk always been like this in public? It seems like he's got a stick up his ass and doesn't even want to acknowledge his fans that spent lots of money to get him super famous and rich. But, at the same time, I understand because I am sure he is totally sick and tired of always having people wanting photos with him and talk to him and asking him about coming back to WWE. I wasn't going to ask him that but still he should have at least said 'hi' or sorry not."

While that does sound kind of rude, keep in mind that when a leaked photo from CM Punk and AJ Lee's wedding made its way out onto the internet, Phil was furious, and berated anyone who dared to spread it further.

But other fans believe the fan should not have expected anything. The couple value their private lives, and they were just trying to enjoy a hockey game together like anyone else, not have fans swamp them from every direction asking for a photo.

— StraightEdgeSociety (@SESociety) October 17, 2014

— David RIP Wilcox (@drwilcox) October 17, 2014

But other fans feels CM Punk is "indebted" to his fans since the WWE Universe is the reason he became famous in the first place.

— brodigYOUROWNGRAVE! (@brodigan) October 17, 2014

What do you think about CM Punk and AJ Lee's response to a WWE fan?

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