What Does A Rescued Black Cat, Rescued Shortly Before Halloween, Like To Play With?

Black cats and pumpkins are certainly two images that conjure up fear and terror. There are certainly more than enough films and stories written about them — Pumpkinhead and The Black Cat to name a few of the chilling stories written about the two.

Despite the nature of the story The Black Cat, author Edgar Allan Poe reportedly loved cats. Unfortunately, there is also the stigma that all black cats face with bad luck, witches, and caldrons. Obviously, despite stories and folklore, none of this is true.

Cole the black cat is helping crush the stereotype that black cats have. Apparently, Cole the black cat, and his orange pal Marmalade the cat, are the quite the fury little stars. According to their Facebook page, they already are up to over 18,000 likes. Their page description is succinct.

“Cole the Black Cat & Marmalade, two handsome chaps entertaining humans since 2012!”

Part of Cole the black cat’s fame, according to his fan page, comes from being Friskies 2012 “Catness” Winner. Also, Cole and his cat pal Marmalade are labeled “spokescats for adoption, spaying and neutering.” That brings us back to Cole and his first pumpkin.

As posted over at One Green Planet, the video below shows Cole the black with his first pumpkin. So, what does a black cat rescued before Halloween do with his first pumpkin? From the looks of the beginning of the video, he paces around it, tries to eat it whole, and leaps over it. For any cat lover out there, it will come as no surprise that this is little black cat decided to make a home out his pumpkin, not unlike a freshly used brown box.

Suffice it say, without ruining the ending, Cole the black cat loves his pumpkin. Hopefully, he will receive one every Halloween. With yet another cute cat video in the mix, this time with the infamous black cat, it’s safe to say that you could allow Cole to cross your path.

[ Image via YouTube screenshot ]