Marine Helmet Cam: Sniper Shot Caught On Camera As Marine Narrowly Avoids Death [Video]

A Marine helmet cam records a sniper shot, and one lucky Marine lives to see another day. The harrowing incident took place during a helicopter raid in the Nawzad District in Helmand Province in Afghanistan, according to the Washington Post.

There is a shocking viral video online. It was recorded by the Marine helmet cam as a sniper shot struck another Marine. Here’s what happened: A group of Marines was moving from the safety of their shelter into the open air.

“We got cover out there?” one of the men asked as they rushed through a tunnel toward the light of day. Just as they approached the opening, nearly silent gunfire erupted. A single bullet struck one of the men on his helmet, causing the men to retreat back into safety. The man whose helmet was struck by the bullet visibly flinched when he was hit, but he was miraculously unharmed.

“We got a sniper,” one of the Marines announced as the men rushed back in the opposite direction from where the gunfire came. “You got shot.”

“I did get shot,” the other Marine replied. He complained of ringing in his ears, but he was remarkably calm as the helmet cam kept rolling after the sniper shot. One of the other men reported the incident using a communication device.

“My teammate just got shot in the helmet,” he said. “He’s good, but we believe there’s a sniper.”

The United States Marine survived the sniper shot to the head after the bullet was stopped by his helmet, which was constructed using Kevlar aramid fiber. Kevlar is a trademarked brand name by the company DuPont.

The shocking close call was captured on the Marine’s teammate’s helmet cam. Fortunately, the Taliban sniper failed to kill the brave American Marine when the bullet hit his helmet without penetrating the DuPont Kevlar on his head. The lucky man’s fellow Marines were equally fortunate that none of them was struck by bullets during the event.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the shocking Marine helmet cam sniper shot video resurfaced earlier this week. The video was originally posted online on September 26 by someone named Sam Arnold, wrote the Washington Post, and it reportedly depicts an incident that took place sometime last year.

“A Taliban sniper managed to get a non-fatal headshot on a Marine’s helmet while the Marines were conducting a joint helicopter raid in the Now Zad district,” read the original Marine helmet cam sniper shot video description on YouTube, reported the Daily Mail. The initial video has since been removed, but there are a number of copies taking its place.

[Image Marine helmet cam sniper shot via WarLeaks/YouTube screenshot]