Starbucks: Wow, Ten Of You Will Get Free Coffee For Life!

Starbucks is offering ten of its patrons free coffee for life! What’s that? You don’t like coffee? Well, then tea or a scone, or anything else that Starbucks serves. And “life” is a sort of a misleading term. Though they say it’s for “life,” it’s actually for 30 years.

So, let’s rephrase that.

Starbucks: Wow, Ten Of You Will Get One Food Or Drink Item Once Per Day For Free For The Next 30 Years!

That doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, but it’s still pretty cool.

So how does this all work? According to USA Today, Starbucks currently has a contest running whereby anyone using a Starbucks card or paying via a mobile device has a chance of winning one of the ten grand prizes.

Sharon Rothstein, Starbucks executive vice president, released a statement regarding the Starbucks For Life offer.

“This is the first time we have ever offered customers something of this magnitude and what better way than to anchor it with our renowned Starbucks Card program. This giveaway is poised to bring great excitement and fun to our customers.”

Experts say that the dubious Starbucks For Life contest is a way to roll out the coffee giant’s new order and pay ahead mobile program which will debut in the Portland, Oregon area by the end of the year. The program will be available everywhere by the end of 2015.

The pay ahead program is reportedly all about the Millennial customer base, who widely prefer to use their smartphones when making purchases. Millennials are also much more likely to do product research on their smartphones before a purchase than all other age groups. The “pay ahead” model is also a way to win over customers who might forgo Starbucks because of the long lines.

Starbucks seems to be on the cutting edge of coffee, and business in general. Though the company suffered from over-expansion in the nineties, it’s back on track. With a new program to send all of its baristas to college at a discount or even free of charge, a program to install hundreds of quick serve outlets all over the country, and now a Starbucks For Life contest in line with its order and pay ahead program, it’s difficult to see any missteps in their business model.

The Starbucks For Life contest starts on December 2nd and will run through Christmas. By the way, just for fun, if you bought one coffee every day for 30 years, the grand total would be $22,995.00.

image via inhabitat