‘Twin Peaks’ Novel Closes 25-Year Gap, Reveals Characters’ Fates

A Twin Peaks novel is expected to close a 25-year gap and reveal the fate of the town’s inhabitants. As stated in a press release, The Secret Lives of Twin Peaks will debut in late 2015.

Although a Showtime series, set to debut in 2016, will explore the same themes, the novel will provide fans with an early sneak peek.

The novel was written by series’ co-creator Mark Frost. As discussed in the press release, the book delves deeper in to the mysteries surrounding the small town of Twin Peaks, Washington, and its residents.

“[The] novel… reveals what has happened to the people of that iconic fictional town since we last saw them 25 years ago and offers a deeper glimpse into the central mystery that was only touched on in the original series.”

The original series, which aired from 1990 to 1991, focused on the murder of homecoming queen Laura Palmer. When FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper arrives on scene, he soon realizes the idyllic town is far from normal.

In the course of investigation, Agent Cooper learns Laura led a double life. As the agent meets and interviews Laura’s friends and family, it is apparent that everyone is a suspect.

Although the series only lasted two seasons, it quickly became a cult classic. The eccentric characters and dark themes left fans begging for more. Unfortunately, the series ended rather abruptly — with many questions left unanswered.

It took nearly 26 years, but the Twin Peaks novel promises to answer those questions and more. As reported by Variety, Frost said The Secret Lives of Twin Peaks has “been a dream project.”

” [The novel] will bring a whole other aspect of Twin Peaks to life, for old fans and new. I couldn’t be more thrilled.”

Indeed, fans of the original series are also thrilled with the latest announcement. In anticipation of the novel, and the sequel, Showtime will air the first two seasons of the iconic series. As reported by Screen Rant, the nine-episode revival series will begin airing in early 2016.

It is unclear whether the original actors will return for the revival. However, the show’s creators have stated that the sequel will include “key characters” from the original series.

The Twin Peaks novel and revival are sure to be a hit with fans, who have waited 25 years to find out what really happened in the mysterious little town. The Secret Lives of Twin Peaks will be published by Flatiron Books, which is a division of Macmillian.

[Image via HotPz]