Demi Stays Away From Charity Bash, But Ashton Wears His Wedding Ring

Demi Moore wasn't at Ashton Kutcher's side at the GQ Gentleman's Ball at the Edison Ballroom in NYC on Wednesday night, but she was there symbolically.

Kutcher wore his wedding ring at the event, where he was honored for the foundation he and Moore co-founded. Yahoo!'s 'omg!' blog reports that Kutcher looked "rapt" and "somber" while footage of him with his wife was played on giant screens.

The Two and a Half Men star attended Wednesday's event with Rabbi Philip Berg, current Dean of the worldwide Kabbalah Centre organization. After being honored for "Real Men Don't Buy Girls," Moore and Kutcher's anti-child prostitution charity, Kutcher took to the stage and delivered a heartfelt speech (apparently with its fair share of swear words):

"Our global issues are getting tougher. A lot of the things we're doing we can't talk about, but I can promise you we're fighting and we're going to make a change, so that's a little about what I'm working on."
Yahoo! also mentions that Kutcher bumped into radio personality Craig Schwartz (otherwise known as 'Radio Man') after the event, while waiting for his car outside the venue. Reportedly, Schwartz carefully asked Kutcher if he was okay with "everything that's going on."

Kutcher replied with an equally diplomatic, "Yeah. Yes. I am doing OK, thanks. Thank you for caring. Thank you for caring, really. It means a lot."

Last month, allegations started flying that Kutcher, 33, had slept with 22-year-old Sara Leal on the eve of his sixth wedding anniversary with Moore, 48. Since then, media attention has intensified, with Leal selling her story to a slavering press.