‘Devil Man’ Has Horn Implants, Tattoos Eyeballs Black, Is Perfect Satan For Halloween

What are you dressing up as for Halloween? No matter who you’ve chosen to impersonate, how much you’ve spent on an outfit, or how convincing you’ll ultimately be, your efforts will pale in comparison to Caim Mortis, who has had horns implanted into his head and tattooed his eyeballs in order to look like “Devil Man.”

However, to say that this is just for Halloween would be doing Mortis a disservice. Because this is how he lives his life on a daily basis. The Colombian-born DJ has spent over 11 years changing his body in order to look like he does, which included having numerous tattoos and piercings along the way too.

The 42-year-old’s antics have come at a cost. Mortis was so adamant that he would drastically change his appearance to suit his personal desires that he wasn’t even perturbed by the admonishment of his family. In fact, his devout Catholic parents and siblings have decided to reject him because of his new look, and he has even been forced to move from Colombia to Mexico, where they accept his style more openly.

Caim has now opened up about his life, and he admitted that people are usually shocked when they see how he looks. However, he insists that he underwent his transformation, which he has labelled “body modification,” in order to be unique.

“When people first see me their normal reaction is to be shocked or amazed. The first thing they ask me is, “does it hurt?” or, “who did this to you?” One of the key motivations for my own body modifications has been to be unique and different compared to others in the world. Body modification culture has been around for ages, it is not just a fashion or a temporary fad although people presume it is.”

According to the Mirror, Caim also looks to assist other people who are looking to undergo “body modification,” thanks to his job as both a body painter and tattoo artist. Meanwhile, he is also set to use his appearance to his advantage this Halloween, as he plans to make his debut as a DJ. He is even touring with DJ Gisella, and he’ll play the Devil to Gisella’s Angel on stage.

“I have always been heavily into music, especially Latin styles, Electronic Dance Music and world fusion and I have been training as a DJ for many months. I am excited to bring this unique concept and theme and people will definitely enjoy our show.”

[Image via Express]