Kevin Hart: ‘C’mon, Have Some Compassion!’ [Video]

Who knew taking a selfie with Kevin Hart would cause such turmoil? Certainly if Genesha Bradley-Douglas had known she would lose her job over it, she would rethink jumping off her National Car Rental shuttle bus at LAX to get one.

Although Genesha only jumped off her bus momentarily — with one family aboard her bus — her bosses immediately reprimanded her for leaving her bus unattended as soon as the pic she posted online went viral, as reported byBET. Genesha was suspended indefinitely without pay. Ouch!

Genesha wasn’t the only one upset about losing her job. Kevin Hart got wind of this situation, and decided to take matters into his own hands. Hart made a video pleading for National Car Rental to rethink their actions, and put Genesha back on the payroll, as reported by TMZ. This Hollywood go-getter begged the company to show some compassion.

Genesha Bradley-Douglas was suspended without pay after she stopped her National Car Rental shuttle bus at LAX and jumped off to snap a quick shot with Kevin.

“I love National. And if I’d seen me, I’d have taken a selfie with me, too!”

If nothing else, National Car Rental should hire her back for all the free publicity they are getting. Maybe they could even put the selfie image on the side of their bus as a promotional ad. Regardless, it looks like Genesha Bradley-Douglas has a fan of her own — Kevin Hart.

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