DC Universe Online going free-to-play next week

Sony Online Entertainment originally had planned for DC Universe Online to transition over from the subscription model to the free-to-play model this month, but Sony announced today that they’ve pushed that date back ever so slightly.

Instead of relaunching as a free-to-play title in October, Sony Online Entertainment said that DC Universe online will make the transition on Tuesday, November 1. This change will effect both the PC version and the PlayStation 3 version.

Like most other subscription-gone-free MMOs of late, DC Universe Online will have tiered accounts. The most basic one is your standard free account, which is actually quite limited. Not only will you be limited in the number of character slots available to you, your inventory, bank and auction slots will also be limited. In addition to that, you’ll have chat restrictions and won’t be able to trade.

The next step up, “premium”, unlocks when you spend $5 or more in the cash shop. Many of the restrictions on free players will be either removed or lightened, but it’s still restrictive when you compare it to the final tier, “Legendary”. In order to upgrade to that, you’ll have to commit to throwing down $14.99 a month. For that you’ll get complete access to everything – including all DLC for free – with no restrictions.

For more specific info on how the tiered accounts will work, head over to the DC Universe Online free-to-play FAQ at this link.