The Fappening Continues: Clay Bucholz’s Wife Lindsay Clubine Latest Victim

The massive leak of private celebrity pictures, known online as the Fappening, continues with the revelation that Lindsay Clubine, wife of Boston Red Sox star Clay Bucholz, is the latest person to have her nude pictures posted to the internet.

Clubine posted her shock and anger that her pictures had been put up on the web earlier this week in a series of tweets calling out the hackers who accessed the celebrity pics in the first place.

A woman should be able to send her husband pics of herself with out fear of the whole world seeing them! iCloud hackers should be ashamed!!

— Lindsay Clubine (@LindsayClubine) October 14, 2014

Later in the week, Clubine spoke with TMZ about the incident, intimating that it appears it was Bucholz’s phone that was targeted and hacked.

“Clay and I are good,” Clubine said when asked if she blamed her husband for keeping the pictures on his phone. “I send him pictures on the road.”

At the same time, Clubine stressed that the more hardcore pictures that have her name attached are not in fact her.

“Those are pics on his phone that [a teammate] sent some of the guys that are NOT me,” Clubine explained.

As have a number of other celebrities, Clubine is pursuing legal avenues against anyone posting the pictures online.

“This is a terrible crime,” Clubine added. “I have my husband’s attorneys removing the picture. This is very upsetting to my family and I.”

Clubine, who was once a briefcase model on Deal or No Deal, got engaged to the Red Sox’s Bucholz in 2009. In addition to appearing on “Deal or No Deal,” Clubine was listed among People Magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful People of 2007. Clubine has also appeared on the cover of Maxim, as well as in a number of high-profile music videos.

Clubine is just the latest in a string of celebrities and celebrity-affiliated individuals whose private pictures have been posted online for the world to see in what became known as the Fappening. The massive leak of celebrity pictures began in early September, with racy pictures of stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and Ariana Grande hitting the internet.

The Fappening continued with other stars like Jill Scott and Kaley Cuoco seeing their private pictures leaked. Scott reacted similarly to Clubine, but Cuoco countered her Fappening pictures with a bit of humor.

In late September, news that Anna Kendrick’s photos had leaked brought speculation that the Fappening might have run its course, but new celebrity photos have continued to hit the web almost weekly. Last week saw Former Doctor Who star Matt Smith and his model ex-girlfriend Daisy Lowe join the ranks of Fappening victims when year-old pictures of them together hit the web.

When news of the Fappening first broke, the common wisdom was that Apple’s iCloud storage system had been hacked, leading to the leaking of pictures. Later, though, it was revealed that the celebrities themselves had been targeted specifically. The hackers used a “brute force” method to guess celebrities’ passwords, and then exploited a flaw in Apple’s security system that allowed them to guess passwords again and again until they succeeded.

A number of the celebrities victimized by the Fappening have spoken out strongly against the leaks. Early into the scandal, HBO star Lena Dunham said that the Fappening constituted a “sex crime.” Dunham, among the first to speak out even though none of her own pictures had been uploaded to the web, begged internet users not to search for the leaked nudes.

Harry Potter star Emma Watson followed suit shortly after, saying that the privacy violation was outstripped by the “lack of empathy” from internet commenters.

Almost as if on cue, though, some celebrities began criticizing the Fappening victims, saying that they shouldn’t have taken such pictures if they didn’t want them shared. Former American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken was particularly harsh, saying that the Fappening victims “got what they deserved” for having such pictures in the first place.

Recently, Jennifer Lawrence spoke up, more than a month after the Fappening began. She had been silent on the issue since it started, but she came out in a Vanity Fair interview, saying that the Fappening wasn’t a “scandal,” but a “sex crime.”

“It is a sexual violation,” she said.