Prince George Is A Hero: Young Royal Saves Small School From Closure

Prince George is a hero early on in his royal position. The young prince isn’t aware of the power he has, but he helped a primary school that was threatened to close down.

Several children wrote letters to the 15-month-old future king by explaining their concern for Chirton Village School being closed because not enough parents were enrolling their children as pupils.

The “Prince George effect” is what helped ease their concerns. Now the school is saved from closure.

As The Gazette and Herald reports on the story, a letter written by 11 children in an exercise on “persuasive writing” managed to persuade the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge into responding to their heartfelt message.

The students told Prince William and Duchess Kate how much they love their school and invited Prince George to enroll as a pupil when he’s older.

Imagine the school’s shock when each of the students received personal letters from William and Kate! The royal couple wrote back, saying how impressed they were with the school and everyone got a photo of William, Kate, and George together.

Amazing what a bit of publicity can do… now Chirton Village is getting inundated with new pupils and enrollment is twice what it was two years ago, according to the report. Only 19 students were at the school in 2012 and just four joined the entry-level class in 2013. This made education officials consider closing the primary school.

This year 14 children enrolled and now the total number of pupils is 45, which exceeds the minimum number of students needed to be safe from closure.

Associate Headteacher Amy Bekker Wrench believes publicity surrounding the royal response received from the Duke and Duchess is what’s attracting parents to enroll their students. The letters to Prince George helped save the little school from threat of closure.

Ms Bekker-Wrench hopes this blessing may even lead to extending extra space to the school — or adding a new building.

“The story got a lot of publicity and certainly got people talking about us which is a good thing,” Bekker-Wrench says.

Bekker-Wrench adds that school officials are meeting with the Wiltshire Council about how it can expand.

“We are very lucky as we have a big field so there would be room for a new school to be built while the old one is still in existence. It would really be a dream come true.”

The teacher shares that Chirton is also a Forest School; students spend time every week in a wooded area that’s used as an outdoor “fresh and stretch your legs” classroom environment.

The Prince George effect certainly made a difference to Chirton.

Hardly any news has surfaced on the young prince since his royal mom and dad have issued warnings to the media about not invading his privacy. The Inquisitr wrote on this topic not long ago.

Another report by The Times of India speculates on what reaction Prince George had when learning he’ll be getting a brother or sister. The cute article posted funny pictures of him with every caption.

[Image via Vanity Fair]