Courteney Cox And Johnny McDaid’s Wedding Troubles Revealed

Courteney Cox is getting ready to walk down the aisle to marry Johnny McDaid, but the couple has one huge problem when it comes to their wedding planning. The Irish Independent reported on the difficulties Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid are now having, and it is a problem that many couples face while planning a wedding.

Cox and McDaid began planning their wedding over the summer. The pair announced their engagement on both their Twitter accounts back in June. McDaid is with Snow Patrol, and Cox has been keeping busy with the final season of Cougar Town.

Speculation popped up earlier this month that the pair had already tied the knot in a secret ceremony. Photos of the couple wearing what looked like wedding bands in public sparked the rumors. Courteney has not yet married McDaid.

What problem is Courteney Cox having with her special day? Cox and McDaid cannot decide where to have the big event. Cox and McDaid have two very different and distant locations in mind for their wedding ceremony. A source spoke out about the problems the couple is having to Closer, a British publication.

“Courteney and Johnny are still in the planning stages of the wedding but are clashing over where to have the celebration. Johnny said he wanted a big Irish ‘do’ surrounded by his friends and family, but Courteney admitted she didn’t feel comfortable having so many guests she’d never met. Courteney’s told pals she’d prefer a smaller ceremony near her home in Malibu with just close friends and family. She’s also told Johnny, if they wed there, they’ll have much nicer weather.”

Courteney Cox is ready to marry McDaid by the end of this year, so this problem needs to be solved quickly. Courteney does plan to invite her ex-husband to the ceremony. Inquisitr recently reported that David Arquette is happy for Cox and McDaid. The couple remained close after their split. They do share a daughter together. Arquette is also newly engaged. He announced his engagement shortly after Cox’s engagement news went public.

As for Courtney Cox’s other important relationship, Ed Sheeran recently spoke out about Cox’s friendship with Jennifer Aniston to Us Magazine. Cox and Aniston have remained close since the end of Friends, and Sheeran revealed that both women are very normal.

“She’s really normal. She’s from Alabama, so it’s bred into her, but everyone she surrounds herself with is the same. Jennifer Aniston’s just as friendly. I’d only ever experienced the darker side of Hollywood and they give you faith in everything.”

Sheeran introduced McDaid and Cox, but he credits Sacha Baron Cohen with setting the couple up. Sheeran has attended parties at Cox’s house, and he even shared that Courteney treated his non-famous cousin no different from anyone else at one of her parties.

It does appear that Courteney Cox is a real friend 10 years after the end of Friends. What do you think? Would you pick Ireland or Malibu for the big ceremony?

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