John Goodman Retrial Continues, Heather Hutchins Recalled To The Stand

As John Goodman’s retrial continues, his girlfriend Heather Hutchins was recalled to the stand. During her testimony, Hutchins was presented with medical documents — which refute her prior testimony. She was eventually forced to admit she “may not remember the day.”

In February 2010, Goodman ran a stop sign and slammed into a car driven by 23-year-old Scott Patrick Wilson. The impact thrust Wilson’s vehicle into a canal. The young man remained trapped inside the submerged vehicle while Goodman sped away from the scene.

The suspect reported the incident more than one hour later. Unfortunately, it was simply too late. Palm Beach County Medical Examiner Michael Bell later testified that Wilson drowned within minutes.

Authorities tested Goodman’s blood alcohol level three hours after the accident occurred. As reported by ABC News, his blood alcohol level was “more than twice the legal limit.” The suspect was eventually arrested and charged with DUI manslaughter and vehicular homicide.

Goodman admitted drinking before the fatal crash. However, he denies that he was intoxicated. The defendant further stated that he was injured during the accident. Although he was hurt, Goodman said he walked to a friend’s “man cave,” where he consumed more alcohol to ease his pain.

During John Goodman’s first trial, his defense team argued that he suffered a concussion during the crash. As a result, he was dizzy and disoriented in the hours following the collision.

In May 2012, Goodman was found guilty of all charges. He was later sentenced to 16 years and ordered to pay a $10,000 fine.

One year later, Circuit Judge Jeffrey Colbath determined the defendant did not have a fair trial. According to reports, a juror failed to disclose that his wife was convicted of a DUI. As a result, Judge Colbath overturned Goldman’s conviction and ordered a new trial.

As John Goodman’s retrial began, Heather Hutchins testified that her boyfriend suffered a concussion in the 2010 crash. She further testified that she rushed him to the hospital the following day.

Houston Chronicle reports that Hutchins was later recalled to the stand by prosecutor Sherri Collins. The prosecutor produced evidence, which refuted Hutchins’ prior testimony. According to hospital records, Goodman did not report to the hospital until three days after the accident occurred.

Additionally, the records show Goodman presented with chest pains and did not mention any symptoms related to a head injury. Heather Hutchins was eventually forced to admit that she could not remember when Goodman was taken to the hospital or the nature of his symptoms.

As John Goodman’s retrial continues, prosecutors will question experts and witnesses about the details of Scott Patrick Wilson’s death and the defendant’s actions before and after the crash.

[Image via Palm Beach Post]