WWE: RKO Vines Will Lead Right Into A Randy Orton Face Turn

If you haven’t seen the RKO Vines anywhere, it is time to go to the internet and witness the latest sensation to hit the mainstream. In wrestling’s short life with social media, there’s been nothing more hot than the RKO Vines from Randy Orton. To make it even more perfect, the WWE took notice and compiled some of their favorite vines as well. When the WWE gets involved, that means it has really hit big.

For those that didn’t see the RKO Vines, here is a quick two-minute compilation of the best ones out there.

The RKO Vines range from hitting skateboarders mishandling a trick, landing an RKO on a singer performing the National Anthem, to a vicious mid-air RKO on a little girl who fell out of her seat. While the latter is quite cruel, it does provide some much-need laughter one needs on a daily basis. Besides, there is nothing better than hearing Michael Cole or Jim Ross freak out from an RKO “Outta Nowhere.”

Give credit to where it is due — without Cole’s outlandish reaction to the RKO, these RKO Vines wouldn’t be around. That is one thing that Cole can take as his own. He started the craze of the “Outta Nowhere!” RKO. Even back when Orton was a heel, the same reaction still applied. It took a form of its own, when Orton landed quite possibly the greatest RKO of all-time.

Just listen to the reaction that Orton gets for that RKO. He was a heel in those days too. Michael Cole sells it on television, while Orton performed the unimaginable. For the record, that was the first RKO in mid-air. While not even realizing it, Orton started a revolution on that night in 2010.

Regardless, the RKO Vines did something that the WWE couldn’t possibly do, and that is getting Randy Orton over as a face throughout the entire world. Yes, he’s quite over in the WWE. However, the non-wrestling fans out there — yes, they exist — didn’t know who Orton was before the RKO Vines were put out.

It is just in time too, because the WWE wanted to turn Orton babyface for WrestleMania 31 season. Now, the internet did that for them. I guarantee that on Monday Night Raw, Orton will receive a huge reaction because of the RKO Vines. There’s another WWE legend who was also put into the Vines, as Stone Cold Steve Austin assisted with a few Stone Cold Stunners. Remember that part about Vine becoming obsolete? Yes, Snapchat dealt a big blow to the quick-video program, but Vine may be making a comeback.

WWE won’t have to wait until WrestleMania 31 to turn Randy Orton babyface; rather, they’ll just have to wait a few more days until Raw. The RKO Vines just turned Orton babyface. It just goes to show that the internet is and will always be king.

[Image via Bleacher Report]