‘Katy Perry Must Have Been Drunk To Marry Russell Brand,’ Bites Donald Trump In Twitter Battle

Russell Brand and Katy Perry’s marriage may have ended two years ago now, but that hasn’t stopped Donald Trump from slinging some tweets about it in a Twitter war with Russell. Donald started the fight after seeing an appearance of Brand on Jimmy Fallon’s show, following it up a series of tweets directed toward Katy calling Russell all kinds of grandpa-y insults — among them “a dummy who is lost!”

Donald’s insults again Russell escalated when he started specifically calling out Brand’s marriage with Katy. The pair divorced in 2012 after, according to Perry, Russell sent her a text message saying that he wanted to end the marriage. Katy told Billboard last year that she had even contemplated suicide following the end of the relationship.

Ignoring the bait for Perry drama, Russell retorted back with links to slamming hit-pieces written about Trump over the past few years. One, published by The Atlantic, claimed that Donald has a “reputation for being a deadbeat in many financial circles.” The other, published by Alternet, attacked the idea that Trump is a “self-made man”, arguing that Donald had only achieved his massive $2.7 billion net worth because of his rich father and and government assistance programs. Of course, being a comedian, Brand led with a joke to deflect the Katy criticism.

Katy Perry has yet to involved herself in the battle, but Donald Trump’s latest response is still fresh — we might see another string of attacks from Russell Brand yet.

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