Brad Pitt And Jimmy Fallon Have A ‘Breakdance Conversation’ In This Hilarious Video!

Brad Pitt and Jimmy Fallon had a good old-fashioned “breakdance conversation” — and enjoyed every single minute of it.

The “breakdance conversation” was aired originally on the Wednesday night broadcast of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

As most people (especially dancers) know, the one thing that you never do during a breakdance battle is talk to your opponent — verbally, that is.

However, Brad Pitt and Jimmy Fallon were able to have a full conversation from start to finish without saying a single word. Instead, they basically focused on following the instruction that Kevin Bacon gave as the final line from the hit 1984 movie Footloose — “Let’s Dance.”

The average person can clearly see that the vast majority of the dancing in this now-viral video is being performed by lookalike body doubles with the exception of a few spins here and there. Brad Pitt appeared in this Tonight Show video to promote his highly-anticipated new movie, Fury, which is now playing in theaters. In the past, Brad appeared alongside Jimmy Fallon during a hilarious yodeling conversation, so the two guys clearly wanted to see just how far they could go with finding “alternative” ways to communicate with one another. The video of this “breakdance conversation” was first released online shortly after the broadcast, and many people have not hesitated to talk about it on Twitter.

this made my day #breakdance #bradpitt @jimmyfallon

— Glayra (@glaiglay) October 17, 2014

What do you think about this video? Did you enjoy watching Brad Pitt and Jimmy Fallon “bust a move” during their “breakdance conversation”?