October 17, 2014
Cypress Woman Dies At Home, Hazmat Team Called After Investigators Learned She Had Just Returned To Houston From Nigeria

Late Thursday night, a hazmat team, out of an abundance of caution, was called to the scene where a woman died in her home in Cypress, according to a Houston-area report. The woman had recently traveled to Nigeria. The woman's daughter said she arrived at the apartment complex at 9100 Mills Road to do a wellness check on her mother. She discovered her mother dead.

Officials say it is unlikely that the death was related to Ebola, but the daughter informed investigators that her mother had returned home to Cypress from Nigeria on Saturday, Click2Houston reported.

The Harris County Health Department told reporters that Nigeria has not had a case of Ebola in well over 21 days. The hazmat crew was sent out as a precaution only.

Nigeria, according to a more specific report by BBC News, has almost reached the 42-day period of no Ebola cases. After 42 days without Ebola, a country is declared by the World Health Organization (WHO) as "Ebola-free."

The health department does not feel the public needs to be alarmed at the death of the Cypress woman or the hazmat crew.

Nigeria has a population of more than 170 million people. BBC News reported Thursday on the numbers of the Ebola outbreak in Nigeria, which began when Patrick Sawyer, a Liberian-American, entered Nigeria with a suspected case of Malaria.

"In all, there have been 19 confirmed cases of infection in Nigeria and eight deaths, including Patrick Sawyer -- figures that are tragic for the families involved but infinitely smaller than they might have been."

At one point this past summer, up to 30,000 Nigerians were believed to have been potentially exposed to Ebola. Nigerian officials stated that anyone who had been at the same airport in Nigeria as Sawyer had the potential to have been exposed.

Ebola fears surrounding flights from Nigeria were recently brought up again, when a passenger flying from Nigeria to JFK Airport died aboard a plane after vomiting profusely, a Nigerian newspaper reports. The CDC was called. Port Authority and customs officials examined the deceased man's body after the plane landed from Nigeria, and it was expressed that the man on the plane from Nigeria did not die of Ebola.

In other Ebola-related news, Inquisitr reported this morning that a cruise ship with a Dallas hospital worker who handled Ebola-contaminated specimens is in Caribbean. The medical worker is self-quarantined on the cruise ship, and Belize has refused to allow the ship to port so the medical worker can be transported back to the United States.

Do you think it was important for the hazmat team to be sent to the home of the deceased Cypress woman after her daughter mentioned that she was recently in Nigeria?

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