BREAKING: Watchmen movie sees settlement between Fox and Warner Brothers

For those of you who love going to the movies and specifically the current crop of movies that have risen out of the comic genre has just received some great news. One of the most anticipated movies of 2009 has to have been the upcoming release of the Watchmen movie but in the last weeks of 2008 it looked like it might not happen.

What happened was that due to some behind the scenes manoeuvring Fox felt that it was deserving of a large slice of the pie of the money that the movie was expected to make. In turn Warner Brothers basically said kiss our collective asses you aren’t getting a cent. so the whole thing ended up in front of Judge Gary A. Feess who rendered his decision on Christmas Eve that Fox owns a copyright interest of, at the very least, the right to distribute.

This whole thing seemed destined to head back to the courts and thereby possibly delaying the release of the movie if not even scuttling it. It turns out though that in the following weeks both companies got together and have hashed out a solution that will see Fox getting a sizable cash settlement as well as a percentage of the box office take. They will not however be a co-distributor and nor will it own a piece of the Watchmen property.

So Watchmen fans (myself included) the movie will be released on the planned date of March 6th after all.

Graphic: Xsp