Already Over Amber Rose? Wiz Khalifa Seen Allegedly Taking Six Women Home From The Club

There’s moving on, and then there’s moving on with the quickness. Looks like Wiz Khalifa is doing his best to do the latter because he was photoed ducking into a car with half a dozen female club-goers. Meanwhile his ex, Amber Rose, played with the couple’s one-year-old in a pumpkin patch.

It’s a tale that sort of makes one want to ask, “Why did you even get married?” Rapper Wiz Khalifa was seen heading out of a club late night and piling into an SUV with no fewer than six women that definitely weren’t his estranged wife Amber Rose. MediaTakeOut carried the tale and the pics of Wiz heading out of Warwick Hollywood, noting that Khalifa looks to be “taking FULL ADVANTAGE of being single.”

That’s one way of putting it. There’s no saying what Wiz and crew were getting up to as they left the club, but one commenter pointed out that Khalifa appeared to be picking up a little white baggie off the ground in one picture.

Wiz partying down with multiple women might not be a new thing. The more scandalous rumors surrounding Khalifa and Amber Rose’s divorce holds that Rose discovered Wiz in flagrante delicto with two other women. Twins, even. So there’s that, too.

While Wiz is partying it up and not looking like he even cares that he’s getting divorced, Amber Rose is out in front of the cameras looking the very definition of the caring mom. Amber took her and Wiz’s 20-month-old, Sebastian Taylor Thomaz, to a pumpkin patch in Los Angeles on Thursday, even taking the time to post a pic to Instagram, calling Sebastian “my little pumpkin.”

Amber and Sebastian hit the cornfield maze and took a few more pictures, presumably while Wiz was sleeping off the night before.

Khalifa and Rose’s divorce appeared to be a pretty docile affair until recently. That’s about when Amber Rose took to Twitter to express her pain at the breakup while Wiz took to Twitter to express his amazement at how long and purple his hair had gotten.

Wiz eventually began commenting more on the matter, releasing a song this week entitled “P***Y Overrated.” The song appeared to be, of all things, a diss track toward his ex-wife, one in which he scolded her lyrically for showing off her cakes on Instagram and Vine and also took her to task for being too clingy — or something.