U.S. Colleges Start Midnight Classes, Some Students Sign Up By Accident

College students all over the United States are being offered late night classes. Universities have begun offering late night classes, some of which start at midnight in an attempt to provide class opportunities as enrollment at community colleges outpace capacity.

According to USA Today:

“A “handful of colleges” throughout the US are offering late-night classes for their students—particularly those with kids or late shifts at work.”

By offering midnight classes colleges can fit in extra class space for already full classes while many students who work full-time jobs are able to attend midnight seminars without interference from their jobs.

According to one community college representative these midnight class providing schools “would rather do anything than turn students away.”

The practice started at a Boston college where their facilities were built for 2,500 students although 13,000 enrolled, after one teacher volunteered to teach a night class at midnight and it caught on the practice sprung up at other colleges throughout the United States.

In a funny turn of events some students in Maryland signed up for a midnight class believing it started at noon.

Would you be willing to take a class that could run from midnight until 3am?