October 16, 2014
Amazing Video Shows US Marine Hit In Head By Taliban Sniper, Kevlar Helmet Saves His Life [Video]

An amazing and shocking video taken from inside an Afghanistan war zone shows a Marine's unbelievable brush with death. The Marine is on a mission when a Taliban sniper's bullet hits him directly in the head. A fellow Marine's helmet cam catches the entire event on film.

The Daily Mail uploaded the amazing video. They say it took place in a 2013 insurgent ambush in the Now Zad District of Helmand Province. The video shows the Marines raiding the area. However, at the 0:19 mark you can clearly see the Marine get hit by a sniper bullet directly in the head. The group are seen leaving a desert building when the bullet hits the helmet and lifts up a piece of fabric on the Kevlar reinforced helmet.

The struck Marine can clearly be seen falling back after the bullet hits him and all three men quickly retreat to safety. The men all inspect the helmet that saved him; the only evidence it shows of the impact is a missing piece of cloth.

The Marine himself says he's fine, too, minus some ringing in the ears. One other Marine notes that he is a "lucky son of a b***h" before they move on.

Kevlar is literally a life-saver for soldiers and police officers around the world. The "paramid synthetic fiber" polymer known as Kevlar was concocted in a DuPont laboratory in 1965 by Stephanie Kwolek, who recently died at age 90 in Wilmington, Delaware. Kevlar has since been used to replace steel in making vehicle and bicycle tires more puncture-proof, make racing sails more durable, and, most notably, saved countless lives on the battlefield and on law enforcement rounds through its use in bulletproof vests.

Though no one seems to have put a sound number on the amount of casualties prevented by Kevlar through the years, battlefield commanders and front-line soldiers give one anecdotal testimonial after another. The Marine in this video is one other testament to the extreme life-saving capabilities that Kevlar presents in battle.