WWE News: Roman Reigns The ‘Heir Apparent’ To WWE Title, Could Headline WrestleMania 31

The WWE news has been great for Roman Reigns this year as he saw his stature ascend and now the superstar could be going even higher.

Reigns moved past the shadow of The Shield this year and now could be set to make a leap to the next level with a headlining match at WrestleMania 31.

In an interview with Total Wrestling Magazine, longtime WWE announcer Jim Ross said that Roman Reigns appears ready to take over the WWE. But Ross also added that plans can change, and often do.

“It appears that Roman Reigns is the heir apparent to the WWE Title but the issue is when will he be ready?” Ross said. “There’s no magic formula as to when that can or will occur. So that’s definitely not set in stone. Who’s to say that Lesnar will even be a villain by WM31?”

The WWE has moved quickly to capitalize on the potential of the 6-foot-3, 260-pound wrestler, increasing his stature after the departure of CM Punk and injuries to some other superstars.

Insiders say Roman Reigns impressed the WWE brass with his big ring presence and even bigger potential. This summer he started to break free from The Shield, working some main event singles event in house shows.

Reigns could have a bump in the road, however. He has suffered a hernia injury that has him working through quite a bit of pain, though fellow WWE superstar Dean Ambrose said Reigns is likely to work through it.

In an appearance on The Wrestling Compadres Podcast, Ambrose said he talked to Roman Reigns by phone after he found out about the injury.

“He was in the hospital at that time and sounded like he was in a lot of pain,” Ambrose said, adding that he later saw Reigns at a signing event in New York City and that the injury would likely be just “a blip on the radar.”

As for the news that the WWE Roman Reigns will be headlining WrestleMania 31 — as Jim Ross said, only time will tell.

[Image via WWE]