Zayn Malik: Perrie Edwards Opens Up About Kissing The One Direction Heartthrob

Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards, in case you haven’t heard, are madly in love. And when you’re crazy about your significant other, chances are you spend a lot of time making out. That’s just part of the experience, for better or worse.

Although the idea of Malik making out with a girl is enough to cause most One Direction fans to break out in bloody hives, Edwards didn’t shy away from discussing what it’s like to kiss Zayn during a recent interview with Top of the Pops magazine. In fact, Malik doesn’t care if his fiance is rocking lip gloss when he decides it’s time for a little lovin’.

While chatting up the publication, the Little Mix singer discussed the amount of attention Zayn Malik pays to her makeup. Apparently lip gloss is the farthest thing from the 1D heartthrob’s mind when he moves in for a smooch.

“I don’t think Zayn really cares about the amount of gloss I put on — he just goes in for a kiss.”

Did you hear that noise off in the distance? That was the sound of several Malik fans exploding with unbridled jealousy. What you’re hearing now are the collective wails of those who he hasn’t followed yet on Twitter. Such is the life of Zayn.

In fact, the folks over at Unreality TV were practically swooning.

“Ok we’re dead. We actually are dead. How can one girl be so lucky? How can life be so unfair? The highlight of our day was the chocolate muffin we bought from Starbucks today, while she gets to kiss this perfect example of a man. We need to take a look at our lives!”

Perrie Edwards also revealed that she doesn’t mind going without makeup around Malik these days. Since the pair are preparing to walk down the aisle and across the plains of wedded bliss, it’s good that they’re at this stage of their relationship.

“Not at first, but I’ve got to the point with Zayn where I do. Well I met Zayn when we were on The X Factor and if he liked me back then, erm, that’s saying a lot!”

Unfortunately for folks who spend a lot of time worrying about such things, it’s still unknown when, precisely, Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards are going to tie the knot. Considering One Direction has a lot of stuff planned for the next several months, fitting a wedding into his life is certainly a little difficult at the moment.

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